We are running a competition, and we want YOU to be in the video for the new single “Who Is Anybody?”!

Here’s a couple of rough cuts of some of the entries so far:

You can win exclusive prizes and get yourself seen by millions of people around the world.

It’s super easy to enter…

Turn on the Camera!

Dance and sing along with the song – then send us your video.

Lights, Camera, Upload – - DA DAAAAAAAA!!!!!

When John was writing the song “Who Is Anybody Anyway” this video idea came into his mind. So let’s help him make it happen and you could win a prize.


There will be a winner every week for the best clip who will receive a free signed copy of the new John Bramwell CD – and best overall entry wins a special, exclusive version of song dedicated to YOU!


You can enter the competition in 2 different ways:

1 – Lip Sync – mime along with the song.

2 – Dance – do your own dance or do the “MOVE”.


It’s easy – just reveal your face to the camera.

Try these…

  1. Peek a boo – as in the classic baby game
  2. Vogueing – stylised action using hands/arms to reveal face
  3. Props – appear from around corner/ from behind newspaper


To enter you must send an email to: whoisanybody@johnbramwell.com to get instructions.



  • Entries must be videos. (Try to film at high definition if you can but don’t worry if you can’t.)
  • All entries will be edited together to make a pop video to accompany the song.
  • All decisions made by judges and editors are final.
  • You must submit your entry as a link to a video on Youtube of you and your family or friends dancing and/or singing along with the track (which you can find here).
  • You must include “John Bramwell” in the video title and in the description of your Youtube video put the link to the Who Is Anybody web page: http://www.johnbramwell.com/whoisanybody/
  • Try not to include logos or copyright material in your video entry (otherwise we may not be able to use it the video).
  • By entering the competition, you give up all rights to the video you are submitting – JohnBramwel.com will own all rights to your video clip forever – so make sure you have permission from everyone who is in the video to use their performance.


What are you waiting for?


Send us an email: whoisanybody@johnbramwell.com so you can get your entry in to us…